Tuesday, May 19, 2009

you are just too blind to notice

omg,people always said to me dat jaja,jgn larr memilih sgt..jaja,jgn cerewet sgt pilh boyfie,haaa,tu larr,cerewet smpai now xde boyfie..okes,im not even sure dat yg ak ni memilih..daa,i want a boyfie yg kalo bleh sampai kawen,he's the one for me and im the one for him..but,damn,its really hard for me to find the right man...hmm,everyone ade their own jodoh and deep inside my heart, my jodoh akan muncul..suatu hari nnt..yeah,defintely he will..

kaku aku melihat mu,

sedangkan aku mahu kau tahu,

dengar kataku,

aku cinta padamu,

BENCI padamu!!!

almost 2 years..yeah, almost 2 years ive waited for you,im just too blind and i know im blind..omg, i really need to get over you...even though it is really hard for me..gosh,gilerr weyh, im dying just to cut you out of my life..hmmm,someone did said to me dat if we love someone,it doesnt mean we have to be with dat person..sometimes love means let go.let go the person dat you love for him to be with the person that he love the most..ntah larr..giler,im trying so hard and dont ever anyone dare to sit there and say to me dat im done nothing to get over you..ive tried so hard..damn hard..but i know, i must strong..get over you is just the best way..perhaps..oh, Allah,please help me...if he's the one for me,he'll make it happen..no matter what..
mak abah ; jaja dh ade boyfie
jaja ; not yet larrr,xde org nak,heehhe
mak abah ; kene cari cpat2..
jaja ; larrr,nnt2 larrr
mak abah ; jaja terlalu tue utk xde boyfie
jaja ; jaja br 20 dis year.n ramai je my fren yg xde boyfren.
mak abah ; no, it;s not normal for you..cpat2 cr boyfren tau..20 tuh tua larr xde boyfren
jaja ; ape nih, (tros blah sbb lost)
okes, act ramai yg ckp,cool gle parents ko,.parents ak xpernah larr nk tanye..okes, at first mmg arr ak rase cool tp cam kalo everytime i call my dad, which i really mean everytime bile ak kat ukm..1st soalan,dah ade boyfie??daa, i was hoping, hows ur study..hahahahha.yg lawak nye..die dok tanye all my close cousins n my fren yaya, just wanna make sure dat ak xtipu yg ak xde boyfie..omg..lame2 dr cool jd fed up n pnat..
giler asal ramai sgt xcaye ak ade boyfren..tlg larr,
my uncle ; jaja mesti dah ade boyfren kn??
my cousin 1 ; jaja,boyfren sehat??
my cousin 2 ; jaja,u sure ade boyfren??die amek course ape??
my cousin 3 ; boyfren jaja mesti amek medic kn??
my anak sedara ; kak jaja mesti ade boyfren nih
my collegemate ; jaja, u comfirm ade boyfie kn??
my collegemate ; jaja,biler nk kenalkan boyfren ko kt ktrang??
my collegemate ; haa,ni nk pg dating larrr nih?? (biler nmpk ak kuar)
my collegemate ; woi, nk g datng dgn balak arr tuh..
okes, siyes,ak rimas dgn sume soalan nih, n ak hope after dis..stop tanye dis kind of ques..sbb jwpn ttp same. SAYA SINGLE

Monday, May 11, 2009

beauty is pain

shoes are fabulous even if they are really not comfortable. you just have to suffer for beauty..
i just wanna have these platform heels..can someone give it to me as my 20th birthday present since i cant afford to buy one.eerrrrggggh,
and yeah, i do feel the pain when i wore those heels.
why do i still wear them?
cause they look fabulous!!