Monday, June 29, 2009

tagged by qila

Objective: Are you mean and sarcastic? Have you ever answered people ‘meanly’ and sarcastically?

If yes, show us how mean and sarcastic you are!
If no, then you should try at least once in your life with this note.

Rule: Respond to these as sarcastic/mean as you could.
(YR stands for Your Response.)
once uve been tagged must do! =)
happy reading! =D

If an annoying person says:

1) I am cute.
yr; oh yeah,,u look like a shit..daa

2) I am the most beautiful/handsome:
yr; really???seems like my grandma is way too farr prettier than u..even with old wrinkles all over her

) See, everyone likes me because I am rich and famous!
yr; rich?? i know the handbag ur wearing is a fake LV and famous???ko sape eh??have we met before??lol

) Unlike you, I am perfectly multi-skilled. I do everything very well from sports to academic thingy..
yr; peduli ape ak??no wonder semua org benci ko.

5) You don’t know me? I am Bruneian artist; I have albums.
yr; owh,mesti album ko xlaku lgsg..

If an annoying hot woman/man says:

1) I know you like me.
yr; oh really??sorry,i derserve someone better..much better..daa

2) What are you looking at? I am not interested in you!
yr; im looking at you cos ure the most ugly guy ive ever met..and ak ksian kt ko sbb prasan and im sure ure lonely..

3) Sorry, you are nice but seriously not my type!
yr; do i look like i care??ure def not my type at all,all i want is a handsome n good guy and ure totally opposite

4) UNLESS you are rich, then don’t dream that I will get a ride with you
yr; so what??i have my own ride..

5) Look, I am pretty/handsome; I can make people hate you
yr; people hate me cos they jealous of me larr

If an annoying extremely ugly woman/man says:

1) I think you and I can make a good couple.
yr; oh really,ur def

2) May I have your cell phone? please please please?
yr; i dont use hp

3) Hi, wanna hang out? I want you to be with me the whole night..
yr; i dun have time for you since obviously i deserve a better guy

4) What do you like about me?
yr; NOTHING, in fact i can make a list about what do i hate about you

5) I want you to say that I am pretty/handsome and you like me sooooo much!
yr; i just cant lie,it's a sin to say those words

If your enemy says:

1) Hi bitch!
yr; hey slut..btw proud to be called bitch

2) You smell like shit!
yr; owh,everyone said that u are so poor so u cant even recognise the smell of perfume..pity you

3) What an ugly creature you are!
yr; thanks..dats mean you are super duper ugly..

4) I am going to kick your ass in this race for sure!

If your annoying ex says:

1) I still love you...
yr; proud to hear dat,btw,im happy looking at you today and u look really suffer and stupid..

2) I know you still love me!
yr; lorr,are u blind?? i date ur bestfren now

3) Please, go back with me honey/hubby.
yr; im happy with my cureent,you go to hell

4) Please call me...
yr; i deleted ur phone numb already

5) The break up hurt me so much..
yr; it hurts you??dats all??act i wanna u get hurt and last u end up, u lost ur job and left nothing..this is not im planning for when i broke up with you..i just want more than u get hurt

If an annoying salesperson says:

1) Wow! You are so pretty/handsome!
yr; then,i dunt need ur whatever things dat u wanna sell to me.

2) Seriously, I used this product and I've Changed!
yr, gosh u look like a ghost..i just dun want to end up like ur face

3) We are giving a discount up to 50%!
yr; i dun buy any sale stuff..i only go for full price

4) This one is good sir/madam. Buy sir/madam, buy..
yr; i forgot my wallet..ok bye..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

tagged by yaya


1. how old are u?

2. are u single?

3. at what age do u think u'll get married?
29 but my mom said by 27 kahwen,xmungkin..hehehe,sorry mom

4. do u think u'll marry the person u are with right now?
nope since im single,

5. if not, who do u want to marry?
my mr right..when he smile at me and i know he's the one for me with only look at his

6. who will be ur bridesmaid or best man?
yaza,my fav cousin

7. do u want a garden/beach/traditional wedding?

8. where do you plan to go on honeymoon?

9. how many guests u think u'll invite?
ermm. not more dr 2ribu org kot,

10. will that include ur exes?
hehehehe,yup2,just one ex act.

11. how many layers of cake do u want?
ermmm,ntah eh,bleh x nk 1 layer but cake yg sgt besar dlm bentuk handbag siyes

12. when do u wanna get married, morning or evening?
ermm,nikah malam,kahwen besok malam,sume nk malam,romantik,lol

13. name the song/tune you'd like to play at your wedding
all songs by mariah carey

14. do u prefer fine dining or nomal spoon/fork/knife?
my mom akan decide..

15. champagne or red wine?
sirap bandung..

16. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
right after larrr,tpkan,kalo tunggu lame2, mase cam masng sgt busy smpi xde mse for each other,then br pg honeymoon,,cam best gak eh,ermmm

17. money or household item?
daaa,lol,mesti larr MONEY

18. how many kids would you like to have?
10 sbb dah tua,berebut2 anak2 nk jaga..hahhahah,

19. will you record ur honeymoon on VCD/DVD?
mesti larrr sbb nnt leh show off kt CUCU2.hehs

20. whose wedding plan would you like to know next?
nobody since all my frens that i would like to know next,dah kne tagged or dah

****wedding dress by vera wang
wedding planner..PAK Abu
tema siyesly nk black even my mom skarang nih dh siyes nk black..
hahhahaha,wedding nk wat mlm kat garden and tema colur nk itam..,
errm,,dress code,org ramai yg dtg pon itam..pengantin saje pakai white,,then,ktrang je yg akan menonjol..hahahahaha

heheheheheh,saje nk melebeh2,katepon dream weddng,hehehe

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


pg jumpe doctor,
itupon setelah dipaksa my mom after 2months sem break,
hahaha,jumpe doctor sbb muke berjerawat..
so,terpaksa larrr,biler doctor tanye,saket ape??muke sy berjerawat..sgt lame.
ok arrr,doctor pesan jgn mkn junk food byk2 and oily food,errmmmm,
ubat yg doctor bg sumpah byk,ubat sapu larrr,ubat mkn larrr,vitamin c larrr,antibiotic larr,ermm,ubat yg byk mcm larr saket trok padhal jerwat,heheheheh
after dat,pg big apple utk dinner....dinner big apple,gle manis tp sgt sedap..every week msti ade dinner mkn big apple,dr sdap jd muak..bsn2..maybe mak dah xtau nk msk ape utk dinner,mane larr ak xgemok..every week pon mesti ade dinner mcd,erm,hehehehehe,
kesimpulannye,jaja semaken gmok ketike cuti..

tak disangka

pagi tadi,bgn je tros bace paper,
tibe2,terbace berita,
ade student meninggal kt zaaba,
car park zaaba
cleaner yg jumpe mayat,
omg,sgt cuwak yer..
tros msg faiz,
die reply,sama ade bunuh diri or kene bunuh,
omg,kalaulah kne bunuh???sgt larrr menakutkan..
tp rasenye,stress study or xsengaja terjatuh dr balkoni tuh..
walau ape pon,
sedekahkan ALFATIHAH..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

no title available

ak slalu pikir??
nape ak ske membazer..
beli bende yg bkn keperluan,kalo ikutkan keperluan ak bleh survive without beli baju,kasut and handbag baru for a year.yeah,nape eh??naseb baek, im not that kind of person yg brand concious..i dont go for designer brands sbb i cant larr,masih blaja,depends on JPA and i dun need a pair of shoes by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN,DVF dresses and SALVATORE FERRAGAMO's and ANYA HINDMARCH's a matter of fact,klakar bile org yg nk matimatian nk nmpk UP,tp hutang..wat for kt nk nmpk up padahal berhutang..ak sgt xphm,U DONT HAVE THE EXPENSIVE,pakai ape pon ko still nmpk biase,murah and fake..btw,guess,zara,mng,topshop..all these brands are for middle class people,so sile jgn bangga jika anda memiliki semua jenama di atas kerana ianya mmpu dimiliki cuma sama ade sanggup membazer atau x..
sila jangan berhutang kerana anda masih muda..
kalo hutang pon,make sure mampu byr,kalo cukup2 mkn,ssh arr..
ye larr,ak ade tgk oprah and dlm 1 eps nih ade economic consultant said that,kalo nk beli rumah or kereta, u must have emergency fund at least for 8months..cthnye,kalo 1buln ko gne rm500,so ko kne ade at least rm4ribu in ur saving account..damn,ak sgt stuju yer di situ..sbb biler dipikr2 semula kt xtau ape yg akan jd in future.. ak sgt larr suke pikir future,
sbb xsbr nk jd tue ke eh??lol.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


apsal bosan gle nih weyh,
cuti watpe??
xwat ape2 lgsg,
mak kate,cuti blaja drive arrr,
mak pakse blaja,
sgt larrr susah kot..
saya xtau drive plus takot nk drive plus malas...
soorrrryyyy mak,2thn pakse but still xberjaya..
whatever pon, i love u mom,

Thursday, June 11, 2009







pictures tell thousand words..

all pictures were taken in 2005-2006

sbb br ade digitalcamera


this is our pics,

zaman muda kami

zaman kami masih bdak skolah

zaman kami belasan tahun

zaman kami have fun together

zaman bahagia

zaman memakai baju uniform sekolah

zaman senior sbb pics waktu form4 n form5

semua zaman dh berlalu

tp yg kekal


tetap di hati

chescorulez,no reason to be petrified

sory,mls nk edit,,agak kelam kabut gambr2 ttp mls nk edit..
happy belated chescoday
i miss alll of you
taksabar nk jumpe dis sat
take care
hugs n kisses
from me,
jaja binti md annuar

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

primary school friend

tibe2, i miss dis girl..

me and her sgt rapat dulu,

back to our primary school

we seperated mse secondary school when i went to STF and she went to SS9 and mrsm langkawi.

plus, die skarang blajar di UK and im stuck here..

zati, i miss u and plis come back home to msia..

we need to hang out and borak2..


i miss you babe..

sgt lame xjumpe..(even rumah kt dekat)

pss,soorrryyyy, i took dis pic from ur blog..

Monday, June 1, 2009


about 1 month sem break..okes,mse start sem break, my jpa ade lg 3k n now tinggal 2.2k..okes, maknenye dis month dh bazer 0.8k...omg,ape nih..stay at home suppose lg larr jimat..gosh,thn larrr ak xnk beli new hp,new handbag, n ipod tp at last 8rat abes camtu je utk bende yg ak pon xsure..
okes, dis month, rsenye i bought a new pair of jeans.dorotyperkins...xde larr mhl pon..not even rm150..30% off kot.xigt..
erm, ape lg weyh,erm,owh,belanja the whole famly baskin robbins,dlm rm1oo je..
owh,byr bil hp for celcom n top up for mxs..erm,dlm rm100..act, ssh larr weyh nk maintain 2numbers tp ntah larrr, tpakse,nk pakai mxs tp my parents suroh tpaksa larr use both..
okes, ini je yg ak tau...sumpah yg laen xigt...ape larrr,adek plak asyek nk pau mintak duett nk beli top up, n biler ak tgk top up die,melampau weyh,ade lg rm7o lg yg xgne,ak pon xpernh larr nk ade credit smpi rm70..n die still nk pau ak n yg bengong nye ak pg bg duet.hahahha,
ok, i reaallllyyy want to get myself a new clutch..erm,rase pelik larr xde clutch..not a fancy clutch yg people bring to dinner tuh sume tp nk yg boleh daily wear..hehehe,
pelik tp benar. saye seorang yg jimat cermat..hahahhhahahhaha