Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the warning

the warning by eminem is a good lyrics..well said..even though this song is very harsh, mariah deserves it . she knew when she was making it that eminem was going to find out who it was about and he was gonna fight right back . mariah carey made mistake by making the obsessed even though it was a very good song . but,as a matter of fact, she made it noticable that it was about eminem..obvious gle kot, da guy yg dlm video obsessed tu mmg eminem.hahah..mariah,you definitely deserve this.


nn said...

kalau dia tak buat vid camtu tak de pape sgt kot. bongoks mariah tu. tp dia best juaa. suka suka suka. paling suka my all and we belong together. huhu

fali said...

bukan mariah buat obsessed tu lepas lagu eminem keluar ke?

maiza farhani said...

hahaha...mamat dlm vid obsessed 2 cm pmpuan pon ad gak..hahaha..